Sani Gel Calm Scented Hand Sanitiser 500ml

Finely fragranced anti-bacterial hand sanitiser – smells good and does good

A fragranced and powerful alcohol-based hand gel which kills 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria.
Finely fragranced with chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender and patchouli oils, this calming hand sanitiser leaves hands smelling fresh and feeling clean.
Sani Gel Calm has been specially formulated by our in-house Chemist and is manufactured on site, making it a truly unique product that is not available elsewhere on the market.

We donate a reusable, fabric mask with every purchase of Sani Gel Calm to communities in need. More details below.


Quantity Price
1 - 2 £14.99
3 - 5 £13.99
6+ £12.99

IMG are partnering with our friends in South Africa to donate one mask for every purchase of Sani Gel Calm. We will donate these masks to communities in need in South Africa, where there are severe shortages of resources to combat the spread of coronavirus. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, it has left the most vulnerable and poorest communities in the world in a helpless and desperate situation. Thank you for helping us provide some relief to some of those communities by buying Sani Gel Calm.

Available in 100ml pocket size bottles and 500ml bottles – Sani Gel Calm is perfect for use in the workplace, offices, supermarkets, house and anywhere when you are out and about.

How does Sani Gel Calm work?
Sani Gel Calm’s alcohol formula starts to attack bacteria on the hands upon application. The gel breaks down the skin’s surface biofilm allowing the antimicrobial agent to attack and kill unwanted bacteria. Once dry, Sani Gel Calm will leave a lovely, calming fragrance on your hands, lasting between washes.

Instructions for Use
Massage a pea sized amount of Sani Gel Calm into dry hands including fronts, backs and fingertips. Allow to dry completely to ensure hands are fully sanitised.

You can download further information here